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Course Description:

Why Choose CELT for PSI Test Preparation?

1. Rapid Results in 6 Weeks:

Embark on a journey of quick and effective learning, ensuring you reach your desired PSI test scores in just 6 weeks.

2. Small Batch Advantage:

Experience the power of personalized attention with our small class sizes, allowing us to focus on each student's unique needs.

3. Proven Success Record:

Join our proud community of students with a 100% success rate, thanks to our effective strategies and guidance.

4. Specialized PSI Trainers:

Learn from the best with our specialized and expert PSI English test trainers, guiding you through every aspect of language test training and preparation.

5. Highest Success Ratio:

Trust in our unparalleled success ratio, a testament to our commitment to your achievement and excellence.

6. State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology:

Maximize your preparation period with access to cutting-edge facilities and technology, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience with CELT Language Center.

Course Syllabus

👇🏻Course Content:

🎯 Listening Module:

Refine your English listening skills through immersive exercises and real-world scenarios.

📖 Reading Module:

Master strategies for understanding complex English texts effectively in preparation for the PSI test.

📝 Writing Module:

Enhance your writing skills to communicate clearly and concisely in English, a crucial aspect of the PSI exam.

🗣️ Speaking Module:

Boost your confidence and fluency in English conversation and presentations, key components of the PSI English Test.

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