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Course Description:

1. Accelerated Success:

- Efficiently achieve your OET scores.

- Streamlined program for quicker results.

2. Personalized Focus:

- Small class sizes for individualized support.

- Customize your learning to your unique medical background.

3. Proven Excellence:

- Join our community of successful OET test-takers.

- Consistently meet your OET score objectives.

4. Expert OET Instructors:

- Learn from specialized OET trainers with extensive medical knowledge.

- Master every aspect of the OET with precision.

5. State-of-the-Art Resources:

- Access the latest technology and resources for effective preparation.

6. Realistic Scenarios:

- Develop proficiency in medical communication.

- Practice in scenarios that mirror real-world medical settings.

7. Convenient Scheduling:

- Choose a course duration that aligns with your commitments.

- Flexible options for seamless integration into your busy medical career.

8. Comprehensive Support:

- Receive guidance beyond the classroom.

- Benefit from ongoing assistance and resources.

Achieve your medical English proficiency goals and open doors to a world of opportunities. Enroll in CELT Language Center's OET Medical Training Program today and take your medical career to new heights.

Course Syllabus

👇🏻Course Content:

Module 1: 🎧 Listening Skills

Master OET listening with medical context practice.

Module 2: 📚 Reading Skills

Excel in OET reading with medical text analysis.

Module 3: 📝 Writing Skills

Craft flawless medical documents with OET writing.

Module 4: 👄 Speaking Skills

Ace OET speaking with role-play strategies.

Module 5: 📋 Practice Tests

Simulate OET exams and achieve final readiness.

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