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ESOL and SELT Version

Course Description:

ESOL Version of LanguageCert

1. Tailored ESOL Training:

Expert ESOL training that caters to both ESOL and SELT versions.

Comprehensive preparation to ensure you reach your target scores.

2. Individualized Attention:

Small class sizes for personalized learning.

Dedicated instructors to focus on your specific needs.

3. Proven Success Record:

Join our impressive list of ESOL LanguageCert graduates.

Our students consistently achieve their desired ESOL scores.

4. Specialized LanguageCert Trainers:

Learn from our experienced and specialized LanguageCert trainers.

Gain insights and strategies to excel in every aspect of the exam.

5. Flexible Training Durations:

Choose from our 2-week SELT training or our 6-week SELT test training, tailored to your goals and timeline.

6. Cutting-Edge Facilities and Technology:

Access state-of-the-art resources and technology to maximize your preparation.

Prepare to shine in the ESOL LanguageCert exam and open doors to a world of opportunities. Enroll in CELT Language Center's ESOL LanguageCert Preparation Course today and take the first step toward your future success.

SELT LanguageCert Preparation Course

1. Intensive SELT Training:

- Focused SELT test preparation over 6 weeks.

- A specialized program dedicated to SELT success.

2. Small Class Sizes:

- Enjoy personalized learning in small, interactive classes.

- Receive individualized attention and support.

3. Proven Track Record:

- Join our community of satisfied SELT LanguageCert graduates.

- Our students consistently achieve their desired SELT scores.

4. Expert SELT Trainers:

- Benefit from the expertise of our specialized SELT LanguageCert trainers.

- Receive guidance in every aspect of SELT test preparation.

5. Cutting-Edge Resources:

- Access the latest technology and materials to enhance your SELT preparation.

Prepare for SELT success and open doors to new opportunities. Enroll in CELT Language Center's SELT LanguageCert Preparation Course today and embark on your journey to success.

Course Syllabus

👇🏻Course Content:

For SELT Version

Module 1: SELT Speaking 🎙️

- Understand SELT Speaking format and scoring.

- Develop effective strategies for success.

Module 2: Fluency & Pronunciation 🗣️

- Improve fluency and articulate speech.

- Engage in pronunciation exercises.

Module 3: SELT Strategy Mastery 📣

- Master Presentation, Discussion, and Role Play tasks.

- Receive feedback for performance enhancement.

For ESOL version

Module 1: ESOL Speaking 🗣️

- Grasp ESOL Speaking structure and scoring.

- Develop effective strategies for ESOL Speaking tasks.

Module 2: Fluency & Pronunciation 🎙️

- Enhance fluency and precision in pronunciation.

- Participate in various speaking exercises.

Module 3: ESOL Task Proficiency 📚

- Excel in Interview, Conversation, and Discussion tasks.

- Receive personalized feedback to enhance your performance.

Our specialized training ensures your confidence and success in the LanguageCert Speaking module! 🌟

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