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Oxford English Language Level Test

Course Description:

1. Official ELLT Partnership:

- As the official training center for ELLT, we offer 100% result-oriented training.

- Gain the advantage of ELLT's recognition and expertise in language proficiency testing.

2. Comprehensive ELLT Preparation:

- Dive deep into all ELLT sections: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

- Master the test format and strategies for each component.

3. Swift Success in 6 Weeks:

- Achieve your target ELLT scores swiftly with our intensive program.

- Our focused approach ensures efficient and effective learning.

4. Personalized Learning:

- Experience small class sizes for individualized attention.

- Receive tailored support to address your specific learning needs.

5. Proven Success Record:

- Join the ranks of our successful ELLT graduates.

- Our 100% success rate attests to the effectiveness of our strategies and guidance.

6. Expert ELLT Instructors:

- Learn from specialized ELLT trainers dedicated to your success.

- Receive guidance and insights for every facet of the test.

7. Cutting-Edge Facilities and Technology:

- Access state-of-the-art resources to enhance your preparation.

- Make the most of your learning experience with the latest technology.

Become part of our success story at CELT Language Center's ELLT Training Classes. Enroll now to secure your path to ELLT excellence!

Course Syllabus

👇🏻Course Content:

🎯 Listening Skills: Sharpen your English listening skills with immersive exercises and real-world scenarios.

📖 Reading Comprehension: Master reading strategies to understand complex English texts effectively.

📝 Writing Proficiency: Improve your writing skills for clear and concise English communication.

🗣️ Speaking Fluency: Boost your confidence and fluency in English conversation and presentations.

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